We Are The Branches

by Words Like Vines

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released January 11, 2013



all rights reserved


Words Like Vines Jacksonville, Florida

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Track Name: Faithless
The sun does not atrophy when the blind do not perceive his light. His clarity and glory remain in full brightness, unscathed by shadows. The sun does not atrophy. And though unaware that their eyes are veiled from the truth, they are without excuse, as we ourselves once were. For all that is created testifies to its divine creator. Only an unmerited miracle can save them from this curse. So we the justified come boldly before Your eternal throne begging You to open every eye. The wind moved by an invisible force will flow where it will flow, but who are we, mere men, to do discern its direction? So proclaim Christ crucified to all mankind, not with eloquent words according to the wisdom of this world, but by solely relying upon Your Spirit to raise their hearts from the dead. Thanks be to the great Seer who spoke, “Let there be light...”
Track Name: Consumed By (Feat. Hunter Young of Ceruleus)
The venom in your lips drip with malice, determined to deceive and leave behind shed blood in its wake. You seek the alluring siren to appease your flesh, night after night before the full moon arrives. But these temporal pleasures will soon turn to unending pain as my God will bring justice to all who lie, kill and fornicate. We both were birthed by nature children of wrath unable to save ourselves, but the grace of my God can cover all our sins, if only we would believe. You mock my words claiming to be free from the indoctrinations you say enslave my mind. Well, you are free, free to do that which you desire: your lusts and sinful thirsts that are never satisfied. You are the enslaved. You have become worthless. You brought this fate upon yourself when you ate the fruit and gave into temptation. Night after night before the full moon arrives. But these temporal pleasures will soon turn to unending pain as my God will bring justice. But despite your depravity, you have this great hope: My God was brutally beaten and crucified on a cross that your sins might be forgiven. Believe in this and be eternally saved.
Track Name: Light: The Way
Heed these words for the only hope of this desolate world remains in this single Son of man. The Father spoke and that which was not came to be: light and all life. He saw it was good. He said we could eat of every tree save one, lest we die. But then we broke the one law we were given. Instead of the death, which we justly deserve, He gave the world grace: the promise of a savior. Conceived in the womb of virgin, He will satisfy the wrath that was meant for sinful man. Then, at the right time, the Father fulfilled His vow and sent His Son in the likeness of sinful flesh to live alongside mankind. But unlike you and I, His sole desire was for the will of His Father, with whom He was and is one. His lips spoke only of truth when He said that He was God. But this was blasphemy in the blind eyes of man. “Crucify!” we cried out, and so it was. Fully man, He justly died for the sins of mankind. But fully God, He drank the cup we deserved to drink of. And, just as He said He would, on the third day He arose from the grave. Then He ascended into heaven, where He sits at the right hand of God. The Father spoke and that which was not came to be: light and new life. He declared us good. Believe these words, with faith, and forever be justified before your Father.
Track Name: Engrafted
Is this grace? To tread down this narrow path, step after step; to meditate and pray day and night, alone. Will this torment end? Perfection cannot be reached. Why not just let go? Consumed with self-sanctity, you've lost sight of your birth. Answer me this: Did your fallen flesh save you? Or was it an alien righteousness inputed to you through the faith you so quickly forgot? Beget by the Spirit and so shall we finish. Remember this my this: my God is a consuming fire and a righteousness judge. He will pour out His cup upon the accursed: they who rely on pious acts, counted as filthy rags in His sight. But my God is the bringer of life and a loving Father. He exhausted His wrath once and for all upon a lamb without blemish. Beget by the Spirit and so shall we finish. His blood has made us pure. We will stand, justified, before His throne, clothed in His spotless robes, free from all condemnation. Death has been conquered. No longer does it exert its dominion. Just as Christ cannot twice be crucified, neither can we be cut off from our Father. For we have been eternally sealed by an unbreakable promise He swore to Himself for the sake of His name. No words can convey this incessant joy that burns brighter than the sun. Therefore, go and sin no more.